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Istanbul escort experiences erotic story

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Today I want to present you one of the most interesting cities, Istanbul, which is the largest city of Turkey, but also a cultural, economic and historical center. Also I have good news for you: working there in the oldest job is legal and accepted by the law of the country, so you can provide your escort services without any problems, but you have to certify yourself that you don’t have any sexual transmitted infection.

Being a high class escort girl in Turkey is very exciting, because Turkish guys and many other nations enjoy girls from all over the world, they love to pay them for some fun, for their companion. I have to admit, I adore Turkish guys, because they are respectful, and with them, a girl can have the best moments in her life, they are addicted to satisfy a woman, but at the same time, in their eyes, prostitutes or escort girls are woman like a business woman or doctor, they don’t judge us. Working with an agency is recommended, because they know where to put adverts, they are working only in the safest hotels, they can select regular and non regular clients.

If you want to see some gorgeous buildings in Istanbul, you have to visit the historical places, where you will find out Ottoman and Byzantine architectures, and believe me, those buildings are so special. If you visited Italy, than you will recognize the Roman architecture models, they also offer the whole landscape unique view, the combination of them attracts tourist, which is a great source of money for us, high class escort girls or porn star escorts.

I am pretty sure you’ve heard about the Muslim religion. So most of them are Muslims, following different types of sub religions, like Islam religion, but now maybe you are wondering why I am speaking about religion. Because I had lot of clients there, who started to speak me about their view, about the role of women in their society, they were so cute when they were speaking about their amazing wives, about the respect they offer them, about family, and believe me, they are different from our European guys.

Most of the time, I am eating salads and other healthy foods to maintain my weight, but if you are going to Istanbul, you have to taste their Donner Kebab, it will be different from ours, because I think they have some secret ingredients. I wanted to ask once a nice guy, why is so good, but he was staring at my silicone tits, so we ended in my bed. He was so nice with me, sometimes I had to admit, when I like someone, it is my fetish to have good sex with him, because I cannot refuse a nice guy. I told him I am an escort girl, but he wasn’t surprised, because he told I am the most beautiful woman he ever saw there, but he asked me how much must he pay if he wants to fuck me?! I laughed, and offered him the best blowjob ever.

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